Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Designing a logo for a marketing company

For me, marketing is an abstract thing. Therefore I started with this idea: to create an abstract modern logo design with powerful symbolism,
Usually I like to have plenty of time when I start to design a logo. At least a few hours are dedicated to research. It's also the fun part, I get to learn many things from different parts of the world.

Offline research

Yes, If I have books or magazines related to the subject I'm interested in, I  go there first. Online research is convenient and fast, but everyone gets to do it, right? So, in order to create something original, I try to read from offline sources too. I read about the specific business I'm working on and sometimes I search even movies.
For some reason, researching the marketing field made me think about mythology. From my readings I remembered that was one Greek God responsible with trading. There must be a God for everything, right?
From this point I started to use the computer.

Online research

I've found my God using Google. From Wikipedia: "Hermes Messenger of the gods God of trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, guide to the Underworld". Why are merchants, athletes and thieves in the same category? Aren't they very nice people? :)
With religion things are not easy. Characteristics oh the greek God Hermes are shared  by Mercury, the roman God.

Sure, I tried to integrate more mythical symbols in this project. You want to know the fun part? You have the chance to discover them :) Let me know in the comments what you think.

Another part of the online research is to see what other marketing companies are using. Many businesses want to trademark their logo for branding purposes. In order to be accepted at the trademark office, this logos must be unique.


Finaly i decided to work around this concepts: communication, expansion, protection, connect, life, infinite, sales, link, vibrate, harmony, modern. I started sketching and then jumped into CorelDraw.

This is the first doodle in Corel, in order to decide the overall shape.

Then I started to explore the infinity concept and decided over 2 lines. This lines represents two worlds: products and consumers. The two worlds can't exist without each other and are in a continuous dance. Researching the marketing business made me think that the job of the marketing guys (and ladies) is to provide and overall harmony in the world. This is a great responsibility.
Here is the final images. I included also a steel render to see the logo in black and white. This marketing business logo is for sale at an affordable price ($300) at this link:

This logo can be used also for an advertising agency or a media company.

For premade logos I customize the colors and company name for free.
Contact me on email for anything.

Monday, October 27, 2014

DxO Optics Pro 8 Elite Edition Free until January, 31st 2015

Wooohooo, it seems like Christmas came early for photographers. Until January, 31st 2015 you can get a free lifetime license for DxO Optics Pro 8 Elite Edition. That is a 299 €  gift! (or $ 299 depending on your country)

DxO Optics Pro is a top notch photo editing software. You can read all about it on their homepage

OK. No more jokes, here is the link for this freebie

Now really isn't this amazing? When is the last time when someone handed you $300 for free? :)
Apparently this offer was possible by collaboration between DxO and Digital Photographer Magazine. Good job!

All you need to provide is your email. You will receive download link for windows or mac and registration number for license. Enjoy.

Let me know in comments if this is working for you. Don't forget to follow this blog for amazing stuff.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Save eps file from CorelDraw and keep gradients editable

Here you will learn a trick on how to save eps file from CorelDRAW and preserve gradients editable.

Over the years EPS format became the "industry standard" for vector graphics. Especially the illustrator 8 eps or illusrator 10 eps frmats.  It is required by clients, microstock websites and print houses because almost all graphic design software can open an eps file.
When you save eps from Adobe Illusrtator the gradients remain editable. Save eps from CorelDraw and gradents are break into small little pieces.

Corel Draw save in the standard eps format, but originally the eps format does not allow gradients or trasparency. The problem is this: the "industry standard eps" format is not the "standard eps", it is the illustrator eps format.

So if you want to export editable eps  from corel draw, you must save fist .ai file and rename it to .eps

Here is step by step tutorial:
1. Open your .cdr file. Use "File > save as" or "File > export" functions

2. Pick up "AI - Adobe illusrtator" from the "save as type" list

3. Pick illustratr 8 (or  10). Uncheck al boxes, like in the image below. Click OK.

4. Change extension from .ai to .eps.
For example is you saved you must rename it to graphic1.eps
If you don't see the extension of your files, you must change windows settings.
There are tutorals online about this depending on your windows version. On my old windws xp machine this option is in Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder optons > view > uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types"
5. That's it! Now you can edit the eps inside CorelDRAWor Adobe illustrator and gradient fills are editable.

1. Inside Corel Draw, use only Linear and Radial gradient fill. Adobe Illustrator don't have conical, square or other gradient types available in CorelDRAW. The reason is because the Post Script Level 3 standard only have linear and gradient fills.
2. If you deform objects after you applied gradients this trick might not work, especially with radial gradients. I did not encounter problems while deforming linear gradients, but further research and testing is necessary to avoid any data loss.
3. To preserve a clean vector file avoid effects like: transparency, drop shadow, feather etc. This effects are rendered as bitmaps when you try to export as ai / eps.

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