Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WD Elements 1.5TB Portable Hard Drive Review on usb 2.0

Here are my thoughts about WD Elements 1.5TB Portable Hard Drive  (WDBU6Y0015BBK) on how it works connected to usb 2.0. My notebook does not have a 3.0 usb port, so a lower speed is expected.

As a freelance photo retoucher / graphic designer I need more and more local space on my hard drives. I started looking on portable options since it's easier for me to work on multiple windows computers, keeping all the files in one place.

I have decided to try Western Digital because of a "funny" story. A while back I dropped my dell notebook on the floor while it was on. The drop was from ~1m and pretty violent. I thought everything was lost. I really didn't expected that notebook to continue working, especially the hard drive. But it did. I downloaded a bunch of hhd test and repair tools from the internet and they found a few bad  / weak hdd sectors, marked as bad but no data was lost! This situation got me thinking: "This must be a strong hard drive". I verified and it was a Western Digital. This is how they bought my sympathy.

Back to the WD Elements 1.5TB Portable Hard Drive: it's a really small drive, a little bigger than a pack of cigars I would say.

The cable included is a bit short, only 30 - 40 cm. There are no buttons on this HDD, but there is a light showing the hard drive is functioning.

After I've connected this to my old laptop with windows xp and usb 2.0 - it was recognized and ready to use in a few seconds. Very easy to install also in Windows 7.

Speed is usually ~15 MB/ second on USB 2.0 which is great for what I need. Probably on USB 3.0 the speed would be twice or more. But my laptop has usb 2.0 so that's it for me.

The maximum speed is when I copy one big file close to 25 MB / s.
This is when I copy from my notebook to the  WD Elements 1.5TB Portable drive.

Copying fonts

Fonts are a big part in graphic design. I have thousands of fonts downloaded in my computer. Some of them are free, some are paid. Some are organized in folders like commercial use, personal use, free etc.
I wanted to see how is this hard drive dealing with thousands of small files. And it is very good: 7 MB / S.
when copying from internal disk to WD Elements 1.5TB Portable disk.

When I copy and read using same internal drive on my laptop I get 2.5 MB / s so probably I could get more than 7 MB with a faster internal drive.

As a final note, I'm quite happy with my WD Elements 1.5TB Portable Hard Drive. It's quite interesting that it has no visible ventilation system, although it does not get very hot.

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